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Rated X by an all white jury

4 December 1980
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Here's what you need to know about me:

- I, WOLF, have serious nards.
- You could be dead and I'd still pay my rent.
- I've indulged in the most disgusting of pleasures.
- I kick ass for the lord.

acdc, adam and the antz, adult swim, alice cooper, amazon women, amebix, analog brothers, anti-schism, anti-sect, aqua teen hunger force, at the gates, atlantic city, aus rotten, basement jaxx, big asses, birth control, black eyed peas, blackalicious, bob ross, bobby digital, boom bip, boxing, brooklyn, c-rayz wallz, cage, canibus, cannibal ox, chappelle's show, code 13, company flow, conan o'brien, conflict, copywrite, cycling, dan the automator, dave attel, dave chappelle, david cross, de la soul, death threat, defiance, del the funky homosapien, deltron 3030, destroy!, devo, discharge, diskonto, disorder, dizzee rascal, dj shadow, dj swamp, dolemite, doom, dr doom, dystopia, eddy izzard, el-p, esoteric, eyedea, felix da housecat, fulci, gauze, gene harlow, ghostface killah, gism, grand buffet, gravediggaz, happiness, harum scarum, hieroglyphics, ill bill, insomniac, iron maiden, jean grae, jedi mind tricks, jesus collectibles, johnny cash, johnny thunders, kettlebell, kid koala, kool keith, la chat, labia mania, los crudos, man or astro?, mc chris, meet the feebles, melvin van peebles, mf doom, micranots, misery, misfits, motorhead, mr dibbs, mr. dead, mr. lif, mr. show, murder city devils, murs, nacrobats, necro, neurosis, non phixion, nwa, odb, oi polloi, omega tribe, pam grier, patton oswalt, peanutbutter wolf, poison girls, prefuse 73, prince paul, queen bee, rhymesayers, richard roundtree, rjd2, robert schimmel, rudimentary peni, running, sage francis, scandavian skat porn, serial killers, sinister 6000, six feet under, slayer, sonic youth, spinal tap, sweet sweetback's badasss song, texas chainsaw massacre, the arsonists, the fits, the grouch, the mob, the oblongs, the pixies, the skabs, the state, three six mafia, ugly duckling, uk subs, ultramagnetic mc's, unixpunx, weight lifting, whole foods, willie green, wu-tang