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January 4th, 2010

From Twitter 01-03-2010

  • 09:31:02: Rode 22.43 miles in 1 hour and 20 mins and felt good. 20mins Pre-run warm-up - 5.85 miles - / 60 mins post-run cool-... http://bit.ly/4O5dOU
  • 09:35:17: Ran 6.07 miles in 51 mins and felt good. Had 7 or 8 miles in mind this am BUT with weather I basically ran until my ... http://bit.ly/5NTX68
  • 09:45:41: every time i watch 'even cowboys get the blues' i am reminded just how little the movie did the book justice.
  • 09:57:31: between upping my weight training and making a point to hold onto my running threshold, the sheer amount of food I have to consume is insane
  • 11:27:30: i fell asleep after breakfast, with the tv on and that damn dog on Marley & Me woke me up. the nerve!
  • 11:31:30: @mlofton it's doable.a few of my longruns last yr for shamrock were during weatherlike this. but it surely wasn't easy! i was out today, br!
  • 11:53:22: buy my microwave: http://bit.ly/6nRxzq
  • 15:13:06: @jerseyshorejen awesome! layering is key. i bet the sun being out helped too! unfortunately most of my long runs take place before 6am!
  • 18:21:59: Did a weights workout and felt good. 1.) Barbell curls
    set1: 40lbs X's 14
    set2: 40lbs X's 13
    set3: 50lbs X's 5 (it's... http://bit.ly/7GaEcZ
  • 18:23:02: least fav weight lifting exercises: pull-ups, lungs & incline bench presses. They do amazing things for the muscles but god do I hate them!

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