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January 12th, 2010

From Twitter 01-11-2010

  • 09:03:30: @AMLemus chicago registration starts feb 1st!
  • 09:28:53: Did a elliptical workout for 45 mins and felt good. 30 mins pre-spin class warm-up / general aerobics. 15 mins post-spin class cool-down.
  • 09:30:13: Did a spinning workout for 50 mins and felt good. Holy dear god - I think my spin instructor woke up on the SADIST s... http://bit.ly/8xCNQz
  • 10:10:04: @AMLemus yeah! I am very much planning on it!
  • 10:30:02: i just happened upon 'chocolate covered Ritz crackers' in the office kitchen. good god, wtf people.
  • 12:33:24: how is it only 11:30??? FML
  • 14:58:40: @dailymile hells no. i usually use that time to stretch anything need-it-be or to wipe sweat away from my face. i am glamorous!
  • 15:35:47: woo. i ran 28 miles last week; most miles since my injury & my effort to slowly recoup. it's a far cry from my 40-50/week mileage but cool!
  • 15:54:47: @dailymile i would but here in philly it's more of a breakdance and i don't want to ruin anyone's self esteem.
  • 16:19:20: @neudesigns it's quite the binary day indeed
  • 16:31:18: @neudesigns hehe thanks! ironically enough my old man owns a chihauhau who looks JUST like it. it's awesome!
  • 16:32:49: holy crap the lady who usually waxes my eyebrows went on vacation for 3 weeks!! i had no idea & I'm growing TREES!! ahhh! #tweezercitygalore
  • 16:42:23: @neudesigns exhibit a: http://tinyurl.com/yhoadjz see? it's like my old man's dog has a secret life...
  • 18:03:38: WTD dudes on 309. I know there's a cop ahead of us but doing 45 in 55 in rush hour is obtuse!!!!
  • 18:04:08: @BklynRunner but does Chinese food want you ?
  • 19:44:15: @conunundrum i was actually in a dr's office in the waiting room when i tweeted that rant
  • 20:43:58: My friend who is also 29 just got put on meds for high blood pressure. She's so young! This is why I keep moving & haul ass!
  • 20:53:36: @capearce81 well she's a weird guinea pig pornographer. I don't like het either!!!

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