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January 13th, 2010

From Twitter 01-12-2010

  • 09:17:45: @AMLemus that's what i call the after marathon cowboy walk. it'll clear up after 5 or 6 days ;)
  • 09:53:06: Ran 7.56 miles in 1 hour and 1 min and felt good. Headed out with a 1 warm up mile, 4 progressives and then 1 cool d... http://bit.ly/6hdI7m
  • 09:55:32: the diplo- gucci mane mixtape was an AWESOME back drop to my AM run: cop it now - http://maddecent.com/freegucci/
  • 10:09:12: Brain on the Brain! - I think this cap is incentitive enough to get my ass in the pool....... http://bit.ly/8SIpi8
  • 10:10:20: @jptoto hey! does your company do any web design?
  • 10:11:03: @AMLemus i would definitely suggest jumping on a bike if you can. it'll really help loosen up your legs
  • 10:55:23: a new pair of Shimano RT80 shoes are on their way. my current ones are over 3 years old so i figure it's time! http://tinyurl.com/yeweyzm
  • 12:25:11: Found out from my chiro I supernate - http://tinyurl.com/ycvg2og this may shed some light on recent injuries. game plan to work on this GO!
  • 12:33:32: @jimshreds well it's been confirmed. i have a running shop i go through, so i am going to see what they have for hich arches
  • 12:42:03: @frayed_laces i like to think we ladies have the crotch advantage on the saddle. it's just a matter of reacquainting the two !
  • 13:18:28: if one more person asks me why i have a 5lb container of whey in my cube, i will deadlift your face across the room. i'm just sayin'
  • 13:55:22: http://twitpic.com/xt8tk - A very evil purchase! Btw: no idea why peanut butter is in cheese dept
  • 15:07:55: @dailymile that women's tank while compliment all the birds i have to flip on my daily runs.
  • 16:34:53: if i email you to ask a question, i don't need you to come to my cube to give me the answer!!! that's why i'm emailing you!!
  • 16:54:50: @andyo22 sing it billy!
  • 17:00:50: @andyo22 hands down my fav as well. i knew we were pals for a reason
  • 17:02:58: anyone ever wear vasque velocity trail running shoes? if so, your thoughts?
  • 17:25:30: RT @MikeMoffo: I love Conan's letter: http://bit.ly/4yajcJ
  • 20:02:37: Did a weights workout and felt good. My weight training is really improving. I am at a point where an extra 10lb inc... http://bit.ly/4TqpMR
  • 20:03:24: Ran 1 mile and felt good. Pre-weight lifting warm-up on deadmill
  • 21:10:40: dudes w/ maximas & illegally tinted windows- why even leave the house? you know the boys in blue are coming fa ya the minute you bounce

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