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January 14th, 2010

From Twitter 01-13-2010

  • 08:00:05: http://twitpic.com/xwrdl - First thing I saw the morning fml!!!
  • 08:09:46: Just saw a dude at my gym w/ a barcamp shirt #barcamp
  • 09:24:40: no hot water, no paper towels nor working hair dryers at the gym this morning. fml is right.
  • 09:35:49: Did a elliptical workout for 90 mins and felt good. Low impact day after a heavy leg weight training session last n... http://bit.ly/5fiS3Q
  • 09:36:29: Rode 3.85 miles in 15 mins and felt good. Cool-down
  • 09:40:34: @Oblinkin @dnorton i second this though i always feel bad eating them at the office b/c their so damn crunchy & loud.
  • 14:48:28: @BklynRunner wheres the protein young lady???
  • 14:50:56: after migrating a HUGE system i built, a co-worker RENAMED the server i built everything on. HOLY WTF! are you dense????
  • 14:52:11: @XxilluminatixX nice work! i am envious
  • 14:53:16: current toenail count: 7.5
  • 14:59:55: I have my eyes on some awesome north race trail running shoes. they're 44% off. friday's paycheck....COME TO ME.
  • 15:00:46: @XxilluminatixX hehe nah that was my 9th, I think. I have done 2 fulls as well and a hand full of 10 milers. looking to run many many more!
  • 15:01:17: @XxilluminatixX my last half (philly) was not ideal - i ran injured so i was pretty slow, but it is what it is!
  • 15:03:29: any of you dudes ever use shock doctor insoles for running??
  • 15:11:41: @XxilluminatixX i can't say i am 100% yet but i am back up to abour 30miles a week and really being careful. it's all a matter of time.
  • 15:15:31: @hellokitty4v i am jealous! i am working up to tri's. where are you doing our swimming???
  • 15:56:49: Dear scope creep: PLEASE TAKE A HIKE. Signed, kristen's sanity
  • 16:29:04: i really wish i had signed up for this year's 1/2 marathon in new orleans
  • 16:33:21: BETS NEWS EVA RT @dailymile garmin integration is going live next month! Thanks for your interest!
  • 20:09:18: Ran and felt good. Moving towards weight training 4 days a week (from 3) now that I am at the 8 week mark. Chest & B... http://bit.ly/5GzpGn
  • 20:14:58: Holy crap, Jay Reatard is dead!
  • 20:17:52: @conunundrum yeah i am doing he AP 1/2. should be cool
  • 20:18:27: @hellokitty4v awesome busy bee!!
  • 21:23:28: "owever, I must say that motivation has arrived after I made an account on @dailymile , thanks to you." i love getting people up & movin!

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