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January 23rd, 2010

From Twitter 01-22-2010

  • 09:33:05: Rode 26.42 miles in 75 mins and felt good. 20 mins Pre-run warm-up - 6.48 miles / 55 mins post-run cool-down + dril... http://bit.ly/4IldpE
  • 09:55:43: Just bought my DailyMile tech tee (in green!) Whoopie!
  • 10:26:38: @hellokitty4v you can get your dailymile shirt here!: http://www.dailymile.com/shop
  • 10:49:17: @AMLemus thanks dude!
  • 11:11:48: btw: new doctor i saw yesterday -LOVE HER! definitely my new pcp!
  • 11:52:25: last mile on today's speed workout was 7:08. i don't think a sub 7 mile ist hat far off for me,especially since that last mile didnt tax me!
  • 12:57:30: thisis the biggest FUCK OFF FRIDAY for everyone but me in this office. ugh fml!
  • 12:58:48: however: it's falafel friday so all is well!
  • 14:47:59: falafel obtained and devoured!
  • 14:48:16: Man or Astro-man? surfacing to play SXSW !! woo!
  • 14:52:34: @mattsix for moa, i may just have to!
  • 15:10:38: one DD's munchkin=66 calories. i just watched a co-worker eat 15 of them in less then 10 minutes.
  • 15:16:09: @andyo22 it was post lunch, where he ate two big sammiches and a couple heapings of SLAW. god damn i say
  • 15:17:10: @AMLemus as i type this he is complaining about a stomach ache
  • 15:17:29: @AMLemus btw: do you live in orlando or jax???
  • 15:22:02: @AMLemus oh ok. i may be down there in may. i thought you said you moved there but i wasnt sure
  • 15:22:41: @andyo22 he's a wasp. no slaw is not in his vocabulary
  • 15:44:03: hehe i believe i am actually being summoned to an engineering meeting to explain what twitters is
  • 15:46:16: Study finds Runner’s high’ can turn into a real addiction: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/32573781
  • 15:46:33: @AMLemus definitely!
  • 15:48:58: Dudes, the week of February 8th I will be in Kansas (Lawerence) and the week of March 1st in the Livonia/Detroit are... http://bit.ly/78K92e
  • 16:14:47: @SteveinaSpeedo what are toenails?
  • 16:38:42: this day needs a fast forward button
  • 17:14:13: @EricaUrquiola i work with software devls - worst eating habits ever and they're all very unhealthy. they're all scared of my guns
  • 20:23:33: Did a weights workout for 1 hour and felt good. Really hacked it out on the back tonight so by the time I got to tri... http://bit.ly/8ZZnaO
  • 20:24:11: Ran 2 miles and felt good. 1 mile before lifting, 1 mile after
  • 21:26:23: @neudesigns the power is strong with jimmy

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