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From Twitter 01-27-2010

  • 09:21:54: @conunundrum you doing the asbury half in april?
  • 09:26:41: @conunundrum nah it's still open and i dont think it's ever sold out
  • 09:27:55: @conunundrum deal! if you dont run it, you can play paparazzi
  • 09:40:04: Did a elliptical workout for 80 mins and felt good. I must say, this whole reading books about and by very perverted... http://bit.ly/bPAeFb
  • 09:40:27: Rode for 20 mins and felt good. Short spin on the recumbent bike
  • 09:43:11: Did a core fitness workout for 20 mins and felt good. A short core workout focused on stability. My balance needs A LOT of work.
  • 10:51:02: active.com sent me "A Guide to Cold-Weather Runs." not sure why; i could write this shit.
  • 11:26:06: whole foods will give 30% discounts to those who don't smoke & have lowbloodpressure, cholesterol and (BMI) rates http://tinyurl.com/yglgo9a
  • 12:28:11: there are some conversations that really need to embrace the scared art of the courtesy flush
  • 12:42:31: @turtlescanrun after 45mins of continuous cardio your body starts looking to your muscles for fuel. this is bad and you tire fast bc of it
  • 12:43:35: @turtlescanrun i usually run then hop on my bike, on my bike i drink a water based shake w/ 1 scoop whey and one scoop of gatorade powder
  • 12:56:57: @turtlescanrun that works for me when i run (less then an hr) & then hop on the bike. i would not suggest trying it while running!
  • 14:32:31: I am looking to buy a roller trainer for my bike and am looking for suggestions. I am not looking to spend a fortune... http://bit.ly/9xVFtA
  • 14:44:04: I am a business woman but I truly feel some people I have to deal w/ in business need to be "called out", taken outside & beaten. beaten bad
  • 15:15:18: i think the world of professional arm wrestling is call me
  • 16:04:23: Alex Cox is making a sequel to 'Repo Man.' It’s called Repo Chick. All my favorite movies are being tainted with crappy remakes & sequels
  • 20:20:15: Did a weights workout for 45 mins and felt good. Warm-ups:
    Rotator cuffs
    set1: 10lbs X's 8
    set2: 10lbs X's 8
    Front R... http://bit.ly/d38WnI

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